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Tricycle London / Kelloggs

warsaw 1940

A short film

The aim was to create a short three minute animation that would depict the life of a man in the Ghettos of Nazi occupied Warsaw during WWII.

It shows a character risking his life smuggling in food from outside the walls of the Ghetto in order to help the starving families being held within.

We used photomontage, treating and repurposing old photographs of Warsaw in the early 1940s to give the film a feeling of nostalgia; of someone looking back at these old memories. Sharp black shadows were used to add a sense of drama to the tense scene.

The film is currently unavailable for viewing but you can view a selection of stills and concept work below.

Ben&Will contribution:

  1. Animation direction

  1. Visual concept

  1. Storyboards

  1. Character design

  1. Animation

  1. Backgrounds

  1. Compositing

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