BBC One’s Imagine - title sequences

Design Week 2010 Winner

TV/Film/Video Graphics.

See Something, Say Something

BAFTA award winner

Children's Short Form

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World’s Craziest Fools

Big Red Button / BBC Three

Moshi Monsters

Mind Candy

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Coco Pops - Croc’s Copters 2014

Tricycle London / Kelloggs

Khama - The African Abe Lincoln

Mark Macauley

UK Sport

Mummu / National Lottery

Honey Nut Loops

Tricycle London / Kelloggs

King Khama

A short film

Writer Mark Macauley, together with Ben & Will and Lumiere Studios created this pilot film, with the intention of raising interest in a full length feature. Macauley's screenplay tells the true story of the founding father of Botswana, the most successful country in Africa today.

Ben&Will took on the challenge of creating a slice of this story in a mature and detailed form of animation. We were inspired by the hazy

sun-soaked terrain of Botswana and all it’s rich colours.

Ben&Will contribution:

  1. Animation direction

  1. Visual concept

  1. Storyboards

  1. Character design

  1. Animation

  1. Backgrounds

  1. Compositing

  1. Editing


Directed and Animated by: Ben Wright and Will Milton  /  Written by: Mark Macauley  /  Produced by: Lumiere Studios  /  Additional Animation by: Ilian Velikov

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